How will KD MAX benefit you ?

photorealistic rendering

KD Max allows you to create photorealistic visualizations very fast. High quality visualization is a proven way to attract and increase the interest of potential customers. Its also enables users to layout cabinets and complete the whole design in 3D scene, which can highly simplify the design procedure and improve work efficiency.

Massive library

KD Max features an abundant library of cabinetes, doors, accessories and other disgn elements, witch can help users finalize design quickly. Moreover, KD Max has the first Cloud Library of cabinet industry, including thousands of real product models like hardware, appliances of various international brands.

Work Drawing & Quotation

No more complicated and manual quotation is needed with KD Max. Once a design is finished, KD Max will generate accurate quotation as per user’s requirement. Working drawing for installation, positions of water & electricity will also be generated quickly in KD Max. This helps you design accurately


  • Intuitive and userfriendly interface

    KD Max intuitive interface designed for users comfort and allows even beginners to cope with.

  • Smart worktop design

    With one clik, worktop can be generated auto-matically. Users can also design and modify worktop freely with our powerful functions and library.

  • Photorealistic rendering

    KD Max offers one of the best quality photo-realistic output of visualization on the market.

  • Lightning setting

    With innovative dynamic light set, you can set light type, watts, direction and spred. In addition, you can get IES light effect and natural sunlight effect such as morning, night fall and night.

  • Furniture based on predefined bodies

    KD Max users receive a lot of finished models of furniture bodies, for faster furnishing of any room.

  • Installation check and real-time dimension

    All cabinetes in KD Max are built with accurate dimension and user can modify by parameters settings after a design is finished.

  • Basic materials

    The KD Max users have access to such styles of material as wood, plastic, glass, mirrors, metal, ceramics, water, etc.


    With batch output images function, you don’t have to output 3D renderings and hand drawing one by one.

See how simple it is !

Cutting and kitchen visualization

  • Design a perfect cabinet system in 3D within 15 minutes!
  • Auto generation of quotation and detail drawing with a single click.
  • Able to generate various presentations output instantly.
  • Unlimited updates on the online library from time to time.

Simple and affordable, but also powerful and fast, KDMAX is a kitchen modeling software that will allow you a few minutes to make a very professional presentation of their securities kitchen without much knowledge of CAD software and still get automatically budgets and technical drawings of precision for deployment of the furniture in place, including drawings of all tops and other coatings stone separately.The program also comes with a CAD package, very similar to AutoCAD, in which you can do your drafting or use the automated working drawing option to output your designs.

You can download a trial version of KD Max here, I’m sure you will love it !

Some of our KD max renderings

3d-interior-design-kitchen-l-2fa259571baa04dd 3d-Internal-render-of-kitchen 3d-kitchen-drawing 3d-Kitchen-Rendering 1345204110_kitchen7_View01_final Final01 Flat-b-kitchen-L interior_kitchen_renderings kitchen-hires_1988d7224e39f4eef43be0bd421577ee kitchen-light